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problemsMathematical Kangaroo

Mathematical Kangaroo is the largest international math competition for school students held every year. The competition back in 2009 gathered around 5,000,000 participants from forty-three countries. There are twelve levels of competition ranging from first to twelfth grade. The key competence tested by the competition is a logical combination and not only pure knowledge of mathematical formulas.

Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling

Another huge international math competition is the Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling held every year by COMAP and sponsored by the NSA, INFORMS and SIAM. It is a multi-day competition slightly different from other similar math competitions due to its focus on originality, teamwork, research, communication and finally justification of results. The competition every year attracts around 1500 international teams of undergraduates to produce their original mathematical papers to interdisciplinary modeling tasks. Once the organizers of the competition post the problem, every team participating has ninety-six hours to do their research and submit their solutions.

International Mathematical Modeling Challenge

The International Mathematical Modeling Challenge is another international math competition held every year gathering high school students. The competition is sponsored by COMAP and by the major NeuUnion ESC Organization. The teams participating are selected on a country-by-country basis, and every country sends its leading two teams to the competition. The International Mathematical Modeling Challenged was inspired by other similar math competitions sponsored by COMAP, but it mainly gathers teams coming from the United States. The competition was introduced back in the 1990s in order to create a high school international competition as a counterpart to COMAP’s Mathematical Contest in Modeling.

The participants are given five days to their research, and the contest allows using any inanimate sources. The participating after their research write a mathematical paper containing their detailed mathematical model for a given task. At the conclusion of five given days, each submitted paper is sent to an expert committee consisting of mathematics faculties from some of the world’s leading universities. Three to four teams are traditionally awarded every year.

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Mathematics is fundamental to our understanding of the world. Therefore, there is no wondering why it is called the language of the universe since it is vitally important to our modern society. Mathematics has made a great impact everywhere you look from the satellites which beam our homes, to that faucet in our kitchen. Therefore, great mathematics have risen above the rest and they have names embedded within history.

PythagorasPythagoras of Samos
Pythagoras of Samos is commonly regarded to as the founding father of modern mathematics. The famous Greek mathematician is also one of the first great scientists. Living around 570 to 495 BC, he is known for introducing the Pythagorean cult. It was the first group of mathematicians to study and advance the science. He is also credited with many trigonometry problems like the Pythagorean Theorem. The theorem today plays an important role in modern technological equipment and in modern measurements. It is the base of a huge portion of other mathematical areas and problems. Unlike some other ancient theories, the Pythagorean theorem served to the development of geometry and has opened the door leading to the modern study of mathematics.

Girolamo CardanoGirolamo Cardano
Girolamo Cardano was an Italian polymath strongly related to the term Renaissance man. He was a doctor by profession and during his active scientific days, he wrote more than hundred books. Girolamo besides being devoted to science was also a compulsive gambler and his habit led him to his very first scientific analysis of mathematics and probability. Due to his achievements in the field, he is regarded as one of the best mathematicians of all time. His gambling habit made him do a research and soon enough he realized he could win more if he previously expresses the probability of chance events using numbers. His idea was a revolutionary one and later led to the probability theory which further led to the birth of a new science field, statistics.

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