Easy approaches to improve your trading activity

forex trading onlineDo you want to become even greater in your financial trading activity? Cannot figure it out why it`s always so hard to earn more cash with Forex market? Well, it is high time for you to improve your overall Forex trading activity. And today, you have good news – we can help you out. Below, you will see several effective and tested approaches to better trading. Check them out right away and use all of our tips to become a better trader:

Always be in shape for trading

If you are sleepy, not in a mood, sick or too tired, you should better not turn your computer on or go to check your smartphone for some Forex news to make trades. Always, be in a good shape for trading. Accept it as a workout in a gym. You need to be more focused and more motivated than ever.

Stop being obsessed with Forex

This is not gambling, but chocolate or junk food aren`t either. What we mean is that sometimes, you need to let some time go and then, to come back with new fresh ideas to renew your trading activity. Besides, even pros have those moments, when they feel too obsessed by Forex trading. This is not a good condition – not at all. Have social life, be at work in time and let the trading become your hobby that requires your full concentration and constant improvement exercises. But this should be a goal, not a sick fix idea!

Master each thing you usually do in trading

If you used to read Forex news from ordinary websites, then it is high time for you to start reading more scientific predictions, analysis from people, who have big reputation in the field and etc. Also, if you used to have only one single strategy, you need to leave it and get some more – at least 3 – new strategies to change and use during your overall experience. And if you have made only stocks trades, then you need to master the whole Forex experience with indices and etc.

Connect with pros in the field

At some point of your experience you will reach a level that will get you closer to the big traders in the field. Forex market is a big place, where except for beginners like you, there are pros, experts, who are now willing to offer help to other people like you. And you know quite well that Forex is like business and in business good connections are always factors for greater success, right?
Follow our tips and make it happen – to become a better and better trader! In future, you might be the one, who will advise beginners in Forex, too! Good luck!

Long Live the Queen!

kingdomThis weekend the United Kingdom is celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, as she’s now been Queen for 60 years. It’s been a busy 60 years: in that time Her Majesty has taken 251 trips to 128 different countries, has mailed 45,000 Christmas cards, and has sent 175,000 messages just to people who’ve turned 100! (It’s been about 8,000 per year recently.) And that’s just the start of it.

Wee ones: The Queen has received some unusual animals as gifts, including 2 black beavers, 2 jaguars, an elephant, and a baby crocodile. How many unexpected pets does that make?

Little kids: The Queen was 85 years old in February on the 60th anniversary of becoming Queen. So how old was she when she became Queen? Bonus: If you became king or queen next year, in 2013, in what year would you have your Diamond Jubilee?

Big kids: The Queen has already owned 30 of her favorite kind of dog, Welsh corgis. If she has gotten them on a regular basis during her 60-year reign, how many years apart does she get each new corgi? Bonus: Corgis aren’t the only ones who hang out at Buckingham Palace. The queen hosts a lot of parties and banquets for humans, for a total of about 50,000 guests per year. At that rate, how many party guests has she had over 60 years?

Wee ones: 6 exotic pets.

Little kids: 25 years old. Bonus: In the year 2073.

Big kids: 2 years per corgi. Bonus: 3 million guests (3,000,000) – that’s a lot of party favors.

Watch Out for the Alligator…

Golf is the sport where you take a very skinny club and try to hit a very tiny ball over very long distances, and keep hitting the ball over and over until it goes into a very small hole. It takes a very long time – people do this for hours, and some grown-ups seem to enjoy it. Thankfully, someone got the brilliant idea of chopping out all those long stretches of grass and keeping just the fun part, which is to putt the ball those last few short strokes into the hole. Throw in some fun obstacles like waterwheels and ramps, and you’ve got a much better summer weekend game called miniature golf.

That said, with all the unusual hazards the players have to get past, tracking your score can get just as competitive.

43Wee ones (counting on fingers): If you putt the ball 3 times to reach the loop de loop, and then putt it 2 times more to get it into the hole, how many putts did you take?

Little kids: On the hole with the spinning windmill, the blade bumps the ball the wrong way and causes you 2 extra strokes. If 3 players play that hole and they all get bumped by the windmill, how many extra strokes does the group take? Bonus: The next hole has an open-and-close alligator mouth that keeps blocking the ball. If the alligator mouth causes twice as many extra strokes as the windmill, how many extra strokes will those 3 players get?

Big kids: If after 18 holes you have a score of 54 and your sister/brother/friend has a score of 62, by how many strokes did you win? Bonus: With a 54, how many strokes did you take on each hole, on average?

Wee ones: 5 strokes.

Little kids: 6 extra strokes. Bonus: 12 extra strokes.

Big kids: 8 strokes ahead. Bonus: 3 strokes per hole.

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